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FeasibilitiesAssessing the strengths and weaknesses of various designs and layouts.

   Site layouts for local developers have led to sustainable environments evolving through initial good design characteristics, such as orientation, utilisation of local materials & energy harvesting / storage.


   For smaller single home extensions, this stage is also the most important. This is when the realisations for further opportunity to maximise the potential space of your home can begin to materialise. Good space and awareness of the flow of movement allow simple incorporation of Feng Shui elements, should they be required. If the design to be attained is completely unknown, the methods Twilight Designz use will evolve the most practicable design based upon the three most influential factors, time, cost & quality.


   The feasibility stage most commonly consists of a full survey, assessment & notification of local energy & services providers, plus a couple to a few plans, which are then revised (further to a meeting) to achieve the ‘finalized feasibility scheme’.

3D Visualisations & Walkthrough Flights -

   The ability to gauge the impact of a design at feasibility stages has proved invaluable in the past & if budgets allow is highly recommended.


Measured Surveys - Accurate surveys of internal/external domestic and retail spaces. Included within any feasibility.












































Planning -

   Twilight Designz have enabled planning permission to be granted by various planning authorities across the UK. Ranging from multi unit developments to single home extensions.

   The planning stages can be an awkward time for the neighbours of developments. Locals may not wish to cause problems though inevitably problems arise if they are concerned about the proposals. Twilight Designz understand this and are able to offer a neighbour consultation service to ease any concern.

   The planning phase will consist of the following scaled drawings: location plans, site plans (existing and proposed), elevation drawings & site sections. Design & Access Statements can sometimes be required at this stage.

Electronic drawing can now be submitted through the planning portal website to speed up the submission times & for further information, including information on permitted development rights.
















































Design & Access Statements -

   Not generally required for single dwelling sites, or small extensions. The D&A statements provided by Twilight Designz provide a clear and visually pleasing journey from site inception to site conclusion.


Working Drawings - 

   Drawings constructed to conform with initial government thinking (the building regulations Parts A - P), which are regularly updated.

   Buildability factors are heavily incorporated into all projects. Close co-ordination between all aspects of the design team (Twilight Designz, Structural Engineer, Quantity Surveyor, Developer and our Client) is fundamental. The relations already established with other honest, reliable & experienced members of the construction industry including landscape gardeners, has led to great satisfaction from all previous projects.